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Why Time and Attendance Becomes A Basic Necessity?

Dec 30, 2014 by admin Comments (3)

In the present age organizations know the importance of having accurate data to manage their employees. Every day they are facing different challenges to get a clear picture of employee time & attendance. Technology has created a noticeable impact on every sector and there have been a major change in the method tracking and monitoring employee’s time and attendance, the older method of tracking details was carried manually, but now the practice exists no more, punching cards and biometric time clock are the latest adapted trends. These automated systems were directly linked to computers/server to maintain proper record of the entry and exit details of the employees. Organization find this Time and attendance solutions as an important need to run a business.

Need to have time and attendance

Managing & Tracking the Employee Time & Attendance is a complex challenge. We all know it’s hard to keep eyes on all employees in various work environments also it’s too difficult to guess on what each one is doing. Time and attendance solutions from Timecheck can be a major benefit for corporate organizations that prefer to minimize the time spent on administration tasks.

Time & attendance Software becomes a basic Necessity for all small, medium sized businesses and large corporations. As it’s a web application that automatically keeps tracking of employee worked hours and allows the employer to manage and view all time and attendance related reports instantly.

Benefits of having Time and attendance solutions

  • • Process weekly work hours automatically
  • • Forecast payroll costs based on rosters
  • • Calculate a wide range of allowances
  • • Track labour costs
  • • View a full history for each employee
  • • Calculating errors can be reduced
  • • Easy-to-adapt features
  • • Leaves can be managed effectively
  • The benefits of a time and attendance system are numerous; managing workforce and payroll Processing will only be accurate with reliable data. Time and attendance systems are Invaluable for ensuring compliance with labor regulations regarding proof of attendance. A proper time and attendance management system that meets your organization’s needs and integrates Payroll calculations are the systems that can lead to a strong return on employee investment and a positive effect on overall Business results.
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